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I have been thinking about logos, which is weird because logos are not particularly "popular" or "cool" now. Around 2015, the cunning and ironic graphic recognition seals on the Balenciaga and Moschino cheap purses shows had given way to smaller and more private brand statements: Gucci monogram spacer rings, Prada triangle earrings, Versace's new interlocking key print stocking. Young designers who are committed to building their own more modern traditional Louis Vuitton replica handbags don’t even have the logo I can easily think of: Christopher John Rogers (Christopher John Rogers) I like the sans-serif text on his label better The colors of the rainbow. Same as Eckhaus Latta, it inspired the image of denim and belt T-shirts in my mind—not the brand. Conner Ives is a young American upstart named by the Met's Costume Institute and can't think of any signs. The decline of the logo as a major brand of equipment has a lot to do with wealth, class, and social class-after the economic boom of the 2010s, those ghandbag became richer in the pandemic may be less willing to show off it. eepurse


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